Thursday, January 20, 2011

Good Surprises

Yesterday we headed South to San Diego and then the surprises started. To our wonder, we were welcomed by representatives of Azamara and escorted to our ship.

Then the other surprises began.

First, we were greeted by a champagne reception that provided us with a beautiful view of our ship.

Then we did a a tour of the vessel. You get the feeling that you are travelling in a beautifully appointed living room. Dental cornices everywhere complemented by pillars and picture windows.

Our stateroom is gorgeous. All white with contrasting dark wood cabinetry and furniture. Our deck has a teak table and two chairs as well as a chaise lounge. In fact, Roak is out there as I write this entry. Our suite is situated at aft the ship and when we leave the door open we hear the rushing of the sea as we sail.

Today, day 2, we are at sea. We started the day with light breakfast and then went off to cooking class where we made seared scallops.

We enjoyed a delicious lunch on the aft deck watching Mexico sail by. To our surprise we caught sight a feeding shark. Scary.

Tonight we will be experiencing the casino and the formal dining room.

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