Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Daily Log

NO Lahaina Maui and scrap the sugar cane train. Due to the medical emergency *earlier in the trip that necessitated a 700 mile deviation of our ship's course, the stop at Lahaina cannot be accommodated and has been cancelled.

The cooking class yesterday was: oven roasted halibut with greek olive and caper sauce. Delicious. Another “must do” after we get home.

Met some new friends at Happy Hour. Met a great new set of dinner partners and had a delicious dinner, last night. Tonight is our second formal night. We enjoy those.

Have rented a movie for today “Finding Nemo” which Roak has never seen.

Get to Kaui in two days. Our first stop and probably followed by a laundry day. TTYL.

*the gentelman fractured two cervical vertebrae when he fell while taking a shower during a gale. He cracked his head on the sink or toilet. Xrays sent to Houston Medical Centre that said that he had to be removed from the ship and not just stablilized and transported to Hawaii. Good Call on the part of the Captain Peter Visser.

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