Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nawiliwili Tonight and tomorrow

Had a lazy day on the lanai enjoying the sun and warmth. Roak went to the onboard sale and replaced his $10 watch that he had purchased two years ago in Montreal. He splurged this time and bought 2 $10 watches. Hey they work! (If you too want a $10 watch be sure to buy the ones that say that there is no nickel content).

We did a one mile circuit on the Promenade deck and spent the day getting ready for our landing at Kaui tomorrow. Didn't do any “high” teas or cooking classes today. Just relaxed, read and proceeded with our projects. Mine is coming along better and Roak's “thimble hat” may soon turn into a sombrero.

We dined at a table for two last night. It was a “formal dress “ evening. The Captain's table was right next to us so we saw he and his guests dine. We learned that on this ship, dining with the Captain is by lot and not be pre-selection. Guests from all room classes and even first time mariner guests may be selected to dine with the Captain. How democratic. Roak wants to eat at the Captain's table, I think. This “open seating” dining is great. You get to meet a wonderful and differing array of people and you can choose to dine with people again if you wish. We have had an offer from a nice group of people to dine with them but I think we prefer to leave our options open. We met an interesting couple from the NWT. He was an elected official there for a number of years and may know our family from Squamish. We'll be checking that out when we get home. Well dear hearts, that's all for now. TTYL.

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