Monday, November 8, 2010

Our Voyage


We have been home for just over 2 weeks.  It is difficult to describe this journey in simple language.  It was a great adventure.  Onboard ship, we met some warm and wonderful people with whom we spent fun times.  We saw breathtaking scenery and met many wonderful local citizens in every country that we visited. 

That said, I (Peter) can honestly say that I entered into this trip with a “Walt Disney” view of Polynesia filled with visions of hula girls and happy natives. Oh, those are aspects of current life in Polynesia, as are scenes of poverty and hardship. 

Would I go back?  Absolutely!  Nothing can compare with the unique beauty of the Isle de Pins, New Caledonia; the island of Dravuni, Fiji; or the glow worm caves in New Zealand and we will always remember the joy and happiness expressed by all the local peoples that we met along the way.    

I hope all of you make the opportunity for yourself to take such a trip.  Hugs, Peter & Roak.


  1. Hi Peter, can you post some pictures? Or send them via email? Would love to see them!

  2. Hi Inge,

    I will start working on the pictures next and week and will post them here. Cheers,