Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 29, Tauranga (pronounced Towronga), NZ

Today, we arrived early at Mount Manganui to spend our final day on the trip. We travelled for 2 hours each way to visit the Waitomo Caves, near Otorohanga and also the Kiwi House at Otorohanga. In the caves we travelled 600 feet underground into the caves of calcium and prehistoric deposits. We were down there for about 2 hours and during the trip we travelled in a metal boat in complete darkness and silence to witness the glow worms that live there. The ceiling was populated by over 6,000 glow worms – all of them glowing.

I cannot describe the beauty and majesty of this venue more highly. It was unlike anything that we have seen before on any adventure.

This will be our final blog entry until we complete the epilogue next week.


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