Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Aruba! Aruba! Aruba!

Roak has been speaking Indonesian for the last few days and all of staff are having as much fun as he is.  I am able to get a copy of the daily Dutch newspaper produced on board ship so I am keeping up with my studies that way.  

Today we spent the day on the beautiful island of Aruba!  What a quaint place.  Buildings the colour of pastel candies and just a cute!  It was the Queen’s birthday yesterday and the town remained festooned with flags, banners and flower displays.   

Visited Queen Wilhelmina Park where we saw a touching memorial to Anne Frank.  Saw lots of small doves and lizards, so Roak got his animal “fix” too. The weather was sunny, hot and humid.  Quite a change from Ft Lauderdale.  Tot ziens!

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