Sunday, May 6, 2012

From thunderstorms to mangrove swamps

Quiet day at sea sailing along the coast of Costa Rica!  Fantastic thunder storm in the early morning with a light show.  Sounded like thunder in a tin can-strange.  Formal evening tonight-Friday.  Tomorrow we tour a mangrove swamp and see the wildlife. 

On Saturday we experienced a wonderful adventure in the mangrove forest and enjoyed a train ride through the countryside of Costa Rica.  We saw scarlet macaws, boas, crocodiles, and green quetzals.  Roak was amazed by the beautiful brahma cattle and the cowboys who tend to them.  We were so happy to see orchids growing in the wild as epiphytes-attached to trees in a symbiotic relationship.  Also saw termite nests (the size of basketballs) in trees, clearing the forest detritus.  Like Aruba, Costa Rica deserves a return visit.  

Today (Sunday) we visited Corinto Nicaragua.  Not a must see!

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  1. Wow it sounds like you are seeing a lot of nature on this trip so far. I hope you have a wonderful formal night. How are the people at your table? Any interesting characters?

    Talk to you soon,