Saturday, September 15, 2012

A star is born

Forgot to mention that last night there were 600 of us from the Van Sun group at the Salmon bake.   

A reporter from the local newspaper hovered around for awhile and then he chose his “star of the night”-Roak.  Roak gave a 20 minute interview that will be featured in the local Juneau newspaper this week! 

Today in Skagway we lunched at a local eatery recommended by our friends Harry and Marlene (who we met on the Panama Canal cruise earlier this year).  We had a great time.  We recommend it as well.  

Haven’t lost all of my winnings on the slots so that feels good.  We received a complimentary bottle of champagne from the cruise company so we plan to have that before our dinner at the Pinnacle Grill tonight.  

Roak wants  to get his picture taken with Faye Leung so I guess we will be travelling with the camera from now on.   

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