Thursday, September 13, 2012

Alaska Bound

Daily log Alaska 2012

Day 1 & 2
It was a beautiful sunny day when we boarded ship and embarked from Vancouver.  The Vancouver Sun hosted an embarkation party that last for over 2 hours.  Great appetizers and drinks along with welcomes from the Van Sun hosts.  Amongst the famous guests, Ms Faye Leung mixed with the crowd wearing her first glorious hat of the day, followed by an even bigger hat during dinner.

Breakfast with Vaughan Palmer and senior editors of the paper.  Great questions from crowd followed by even greater responses from the speakers whose candour is wonderful.  

Afternoon presentation by Shelly Fralic who overviewed the past, present and future role of the paper.  Anthony Gismondi provided us with a wine tasting of great wines. 

Tonight is formal night so we will be getting dressed up in our garb.  

The weather is great with sun, fog and beautiful scenery. 
Today, we saw dolphins, gulls and dragon flies the size of gulls.    

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