Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 6 - Lombok

Arrived Lombok in the early morning, with sea mist dissipating to reveal blue and sunny skies.  The lush tree covered island looked truly tropical and similar to the South Pacific islands.   Spent 8 hours traveling the island and seeing some wonderful and sometimes “eye-opening” things.

Visited a world class heritage museum containing items from the colonial and pre-colonial periods.  Then came the deluge for about 20 minutes while we visited the formal Royal Palace at Narmada.  

The sun returned along with the humidity. The we went on to visit the Hindu temple at  Lingsar where a large family had come from Bali to pray for the health a loved one.

Then on to Senggigi where we were hosted to a wonderful lunch at the Sheraton hotel which also had “western” toilets.  Yeay!

After lunch we visited the pottery village of Banuymulek where we witnessed village women making “hand thrown” pots of all sizes.  We also were treated to a ride on a mini-horse drawn cart that held two people.   What a fabulous day!

One of the many temples visited during this trip!

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  1. So happy, that you enjoy yourselves. I can imagine, that a normal toilet can excite you.
    Here a sunny day, not too cold.
    Waiting for your next update.
    Love, Els