Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hello Singapore

Yesterday spent 17 hours “in the air” flying from Vancouver to Singapore.  Thank you, Cathay Pacific airlines that made the journey so effortless and for letting us sleep.  Having the snack bar open and available all night, also helped. 
Arrived in Singapore.  Beautiful place.   On our arrival it was 35°C with 90% humidity.  The humidity and warmth have been a blessing to Roak, from the outset. Immediately, his breathing got easier and he was raring to go. 
We have found that pushing the luggage cart helps with Roak’s walking and in Singapore it was hard for me to keep up with him as he pushed the cart through the airport.
The weather is typically tropical with torrential downpours followed by blue skies and sun.  Orchids abound.  We are in heaven!  Of course cockroaches also abound buy hey this is the tropics.
Like Hong Kong Singapore is congested but with the streetscape vibe more similar to London, Paris or Amsterdam.    The people are friendly and outgoing and extremely helpful.    Singapore is a repeat “must visit” for us!

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