Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 28, Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Tendered to Waitangi (Hobson Point) (a 20 minute tender). We took an early tender and made a preliminary stop at the Bay of Islands Yacht Club. We had a coffee and homemade date square and Peter had his first Mah Jong lesson. He is a 'natural'. He will be taking more lessons when we get back to Vancouver.

Met our friend Chris for lunch. His partner Michael was away in Christchurch, on business.

We had a great visit and catching up since we last saw each other in 2008.

Chris hosted us to a fabulous private lunch at the Paihia Beach Resort and Spa Hotel, in Paihia, NZ. It was phenomenal. Champagne, great wine and a wonderful private luncheon provided by the Hotel Chef, who is a friend of Chris and Michael.

Chris also took us to see the local ship on which he works and which does overnight cruises on the Bay of Islands. We are planning to do one of these overnight cruises in the future. We are definitely returning to NZ and the Bay of Islands. You should too.

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