Monday, October 11, 2010

Dravuni, Fiji

Today we visited Dravuni Island of Fiji. Dravuni is a volcanic island in the Kadayu Group of islands in Fiji.

We started the morning visiting the proffertjes (Dutch mini-pancakes) tent that had been set up on the Lido Deck. What a treat. The Americans seemed abit perturbed because it appears that they thought that they would get a 'stack' of pancakes. Oh well there must be a Denny's somewhere for them.

We took the tender to the island for a day of swimming and lazing about. It was a paradise island and the water was clear and cool but not warm. It was only after we returned to the ship that I read the write-up that said the island was surrounded by a beautiful coral reef visited by hammerhead sharks, dolphins, reef sharks and banded sea snakes. But pay no never mind to all of that, it is worth doing.

Hint: The self-serve laundry system on Holland-America is superior to that provided by Celebrity.

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